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Silver Linings

I am one lucky little duck. So many wonderful things have happened this week that I am very grateful for. Like inbali.org published another one of my articles yesterday.

I can’t wait for you all to read it. It was lots of fun to write, especially when I made reference to my own personal experiences and memories. Below is a screenshot of a snippet of the article but if you wish to read more head on over to inbali.org.


As of last Saturday I also arrived back on Australian soil and was welcomed home by this sweet surprise from my Mum and younger brother, Phil (aka Philby).


The treats were definitely scattered around my room, I even found a chocolate bar hidden among my shoes.
My Mums partner cooked a roast lamb for tea that night (thanks Bill it was bloody delicious!) and my Mum and I caught up over a bottle of wine.

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while now , you will already know that my partner, Isan and our puppy, Kawan are still in Bali. Both are waiting on visa’s and paperwork to be approved so that we can start a life together in Australia. The time apart for the next few months will be hard but the silver lining is I am surrounded by my family again in the warmest community in Australia. Here is the proof,

Treats brought round by my neighbours to welcome me home.

I hope to use this time to myself to re-access certain areas of my life and plan for the new future ahead and to oh…… hopefully make time for more blogging.