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An update on our vintage wedding


As you may all have read here my fiance, Isan and I are planning on getting married next year… twice. The first ceremony will be in the Hawkesbury area of NSW, Australia and the second in Jogjakarta, JAVA, Indonesia. If we could, we would get married now but money, visa and time constraints aren’t on our side.

We could always run away, get hitched and be done with it but that just wouldn’t feel right to us. Our family and friends have supported Isan and I from the very beginning. We want to be able to show them that all the long distance, constant ups and downs and the masses of money spent was worth it. We want to be able to celebrate both special days surrounded by them all.

When Isan and I make the relationship ring bound official (the only time when Facebook official gets trumped) I will walk down the aisle in my Aunts wedding dress from 37 years ago. A sheer miracle it is still in good nick and a fateful wonder that only a month or so ago my Aunt was going to donate the frock to the local op shop. The dress is perfect for our vintage theme as she tells me it was made to resemble my grandmothers when she tied the knot in 1957. I can not wait for that kleenex moment.

Here is a sneak preview.


And here is the gown as my Aunt wore it on her wedding day in 1977.


For me the dress is far too gown and not enough frock so my Mother and Nanna (super seamstress in her hay day) will be working together to alter the garment. I plan on keeping…secrets. So you will just have to wait, like Isan until the big day.