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An email and a life after High School

Do you think now that there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc high school reunions aren’t as interesting as they use to be? I mean you can discover whether your fellow classmates are married, what job they have or do they have children without having to change out of your pajamas or even prove you invented post-its.
In retrospect, what have I accomplished in the past decade that others will find interesting and will give me something to talk about at my upcoming 10 year High school reunion?

I think back to when I left high school and what I had planned for my life, never would have I entertained the thought of how it is at this very moment. During my senior years of high school I actually took Japanese! I only picked up Indonesian as an extra subject at University and now it is the governing factor that is determining the choices in my life. Ohaiyo Gozaimasu and Domo Arigato have morphed into Selamat Pagi and Terima kasih inside my head.


Last week I discovered an email I wrote over 9 years ago, after my first week at University. The said email was so hilariously bad, I almost didn’t read it all. In saying that, it allowed me to see how many good transformations I have made since then. Honestly now looking back on the person that wrote this I cringe. I was guilty of trying way too hard and was too worried about what others would think of me. I was too precious for my own good really and those who went through High School or even University with me will (hopefully) see the more grounded person I have become today.

‘The email’


Well its been at least 2 weeks since I last saw you all and boy has it gone quick!
Everything is fantastic, couldn’t have hoped for anything better in the country town of Armidale. I am not the furthest away from home, I meet someone the other day from Melbourne- how crazy is that?

O WEEK was massive and to say the least, a little more crazy than I expected.

The first night, Sunday night was a quiet one for me. After being in the car for 6.5 hours with 2 small breaks in between, then arriving at my place of residence (my address):


I had to unload the entire car as I brought too much stuff!, then being bombarded with too much information and meeting a gazillion people I was buggered. Most people stayed up too we hours of the morning partying and getting pissed, but I just couldnt manage it I was way too sick. I managed to get alot of sleep though and missed getting up early for “BOOT CAMP” as they forgot about me in my room, YES!.
Monday involved an “official welcome’ by the Dean of the University of New England. This was my first experience of walking form college(my room) to Uni, its about 2kms and is up a steep hill. It takes me about 20mins one way. Its so much easier to walk back but hey its all exercise and I can really feel it working in my legs. Some days I am lucky and I can get a lift with someone from college, but most days (so far) I’m not.

At night time we had a round of “Fresher Games”. Freshers is what the first years are known as, as the older students didn’t come till later in the week. The games were

    • KNIGHTS, CAVALIERS, MOUNTS- This involved a girl pairing up with a boy and music would play then when it stopped we were told whether to ‘knight’- jump on th boys back, ‘cavalier’ be swept of our feet or ‘mount’ sit on the boys knee. If you didnt do it quickly enough you were disqulified. It was lots of fun but I cheated and stuck to one of the boys, Blake from my floor. We were in the top 5!
    • MUSICAL CHAIRS- A little different than usual. In this version you weren’t allowed to have any part of your body on the floor, which nearly led to a few injuries but was tons of fun.
    • SHOE GAME- Throw one shoe into the middle of the floor than pick up a different shoe and find its owner. This was not as good as I hoped as I ended bumping heads with another girl. Actually one from my floor (TOPA- top floor, Building A) Kate, one of my good friends now. There are actually only 6 first year girls and 11 first year boys, and in total including the older years 14 girls to 20 boys. It’s all good though cos everyone is really nice and I have nothing against anyone on my floor so far.

TUESDAY we had a BBQ Breakfast- this was the start of the many ahead (in all of O Week we had 5 BBQs. I do not want to see another sausage for a very long time!) Just before lunch time we headed over ‘up top’ to the Uni for “Academic Advising”, a bit like the Careers Market we went to in yr10 and 12 at UWS. I am doing a Bachelor of Asian Studies and I chose 4 subjects- Indonesian 101(beginners), Japanese 201(Intermediate), Linguistics 101 and Social Change in Asia. Later on in the evening we ahd a trivia night, this is when I realised how crazy my floor is, even though they are really nice and I get along well with them they are a bunch of drunks! This night I was really homesick as I kinda felt out of place as I missed you all, my friends. Yes I did shed a little tear, but its all good now!

WEDNESDAY was enrolment day when I had to finalise all my chosen subjects, it was good only took about an hour. Also they had like a big market of all the activities and clubs I could become involved in. Some were a little strange, quite nerdish eg. the medievil club, WHAT THE!. Again for dinner we had a BBQ but this time it involved all the other colleges, there is 6 in total- Earle Page(mine), Duval, Drummond and Smith, Robb, Mary White and St Alberts. I am so glad I got into the one I chose, its much better all round. We had to stay in our falcultys (mine is ARTS) and go around and introduce ourselves to people from other colleges- so I went up to all the good looking boys!

Later that night we had a Traffic Light Party. You were green if you were single, Orange if you were unsure and Red if you were taken- I wore Green but no luck! Actually the night started of really bad and boring! My friend Kate, I told you about hooked up with some guy from another college (Duval) and left me alone for a while. I found another girl form my floor, Jo she comes from Broken Hill on a sheep station. I actually lost my money ($10) and she bought me a drink, because the party was at our sponser pub “the newie” New Engalnd Hotel. I later found some of the boys from my floor and spent the rest of the night with them. They are great, a little silly when it comes to alcohol but fun.


And that’s enough of that! Many lessons learnt since then.

Past Simone wouldn’t have shown this old email to the world. If I had stayed the same person as I was in High school I probably would have deleted it and never spoke of it again; too afraid at what others would have thought of me. I have to admit, I did remove a few super embarrassing lines but ultimately it’s still as it was 10 years ago- spelling mistakes, cheesy emoticons and all. Hats off to you as well if you got through it all without wanting to slap my former self, I couldn’t even get pass the first paragraph!

So on the 18th of October when I attend my 10 year High school reunion I will not have an awesome job to boast about, pictures of my children for you to ooo and ahhh over or even a house for you to admire but I will have become someone for the better. Someone who won’t sugarcoat her life story, who will be busting a move to a spice girls track and sinking a beer or two with an old classmate, whether we were close friends or not.

Cheers to being proud of whatever you have accomplished in life, even if its not how you planned it would be.


P.s. Isan will sadly be unable to attend the reunion as my plus one. We are still waiting on his visa to be processed.