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Jogja sweet Jogja

My Jogja sisters and I

My Jogja sisters and I. I miss these ladies alot

About a month ago Isan and I made a fleeting visit to Jogjakarta, Java for the weekend. Life had been getting us down in Bali and we needed some familiar surroundings. It was Jogja where Isan and I met, back in 2011 whilst I was studying through the ACICIS (Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies) Program. We didn’t meet at University but through a series of friendship channels. These friendships are what made Jogja special for us, as these people weren’t just our mates but our family.

We are Family

We are Family

Since living in Bali for the past 10 months we have not been able to create a support network like the one above. For me personally I have not been able to find people that I can connect with like this. Friends that treat me, as they do Isan. My Jogja friends don’t care whether I am black, brown, green or white, they just care that I am good to them and they are good to me. Simple friendships= simple happiness.

I lived in Jogja for a year, whilst Isan was there for a good part of 9 months. So there were a lot of people to see, favourite places to visit and loved warungs (local eatieries) to eat at. We were so busy that I didnt get the chance to take as much photos as I would have liked. We were also very fortunate that Isans Mum and younger sister had plans to spend the weekend in Jogja with us. Isans Mum is a wonderful, strong lady who leaves me in awe every time we catch up. This visit we spent a lot of time alone together and we got a proper chance to get to know each other better. I forgot to take some photos though…sad face. I did however play quirky photographer with Isans sister. See photo below, looks like Meity has flew from the sky, Dragonball style.

Isans younger sister, Meity....aka Dragonball meity.

Isans younger sister, Meity….aka Dragonball Meity.

We did however make the time to fit in a little scenic tour followed by a seafood feast at Depok Beach. The beaches near Jogja do not compare to those of Bali, but the prices and variety of the seafood available is more enticing. It seems the beaches still have lots of bounty and the prices are all set at a local value. We were able to enjoy crab, prawns, fish, mussels, squid and a large coconut each to wash it all down with. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to dig in and that is why the photo below only shows the aftermath.

It was a delicious seafood feast

It was a delicious seafood feast

After we had gorged ourselves, I took a stroll down the beach whilst Isan had a nap.

I'm beached as bro....at Pantai Depok

I’m beached as bro….at Pantai Depok

When it came to the end of little getaway, we didnt want to leave. Jogja is very special to us and eventually one day we hope to make it our home.