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Pasar-Pasaran is Back!


Pasar-pasaran is back…and I won’t be in Bali to see it. Its also my sister in laws (the girl in the photos below) birthday that same day, double sad face. ┬áIf you see her, as she will be attending, wish her a special pasar-pasaran birthday- it will make her day!

A few months ago I attended the first pasar-pasaran, you can read about it here. It was such a fun day and comes highly recommended.

This time though the craft markets will be held at night under the roof of Hubud. Has anyone been to this place? It sounds amazing and something I would have made more use of if the budget allowed it.

Here are some photos from the first pasar-pasaran post held in the gardens of Warung Sopa, Ubud to encourage you to attend the event.


It’s a great community event which allows┬áIndonesian artisans to come together and showcase their wonderful handmade goods. So if you are in the Ubud area around the 7th of November please do consider attending. You ill be supporting local up and coming designers and it will be a great opportunity to buy some unique Christmas gifts.