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Join in the fun


Now most you all know that very, very soon I will be packing up my bags and heading back to Australia. I have finished my studies, Isan and I have had our trial ‘marriage’ period and for now the future looks brighter for the both of us down under.

In saying that, it will not be the end of ‘Don’t forget the rice’ in fact it is only just the beginning. This is just the start of our little life together and so we are looking to send the blog to some new exciting heights.

Yesterday I announced that the blog was taking on sponsorship and advertising. The post can be found here. We know we are only small and starting out but we believe in the blog and its message so much that we couldn’t just sit by idly. The blog now has a Facebook page, which you can show your support and like via here. You can also follow us on instagram, twitter, pinterest and bloglovin. By allowing us to become apart of your daily feeds you will become privy to regular status updates, extra photos and all the funny little things that go on in our daily lives.


We have no plan and we are just making it up as we go along. Remember we started the blog so that hopefully others could learn from our experiences, mistakes and achievements.

At the moment we are super busy with visa applications, preparing for my move, wedding plans as well as Isan’s work, all the while looking after 3 dogs. This is why I can eat white rice everyday and not have to go to the gym.

My return ticket back to Australia has been purchased and I’ll arrive mid October. Just in time for my Mums birthday and my High school 10 year reunion. Isan and I both wish we were leaving Bali together, but it’s the way it is and we will just have to deal with it. We are both adults and have spent time apart before. The distance will be hard but nothing compared to a life time we will get to spend together.

Thank you to our family and friends and all our awesome readers for your constant support and for joining in the fun so far.

-Simone and Isan