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Our Home in Bali

Recently a few friends have asked us to show some photos of our home. Well, actually one friend has been asking us since we moved in and that was over 6 months ago. So here you go all you wonderful people. This is the place we call home in Bali, Indonesia.


It is a 2 story building with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and ample yard space for our puppy and her friends to run around in. We chose such a big house just for the 2.5 of us because we wanted the extra space in case family came to stay. Isans’ sister and her family have stayed many times and even lived here for a little while when Isan had to return to Bandung to help his mum.


Our bedroom isn’t anything fancy but we are thankful that we have a spring bed to sleep on and a big window that lets in a lot of natural light.

We actually haven’t been able to make use of all the space in our house as the 2nd floor has some real bad juju about it. We did intend to turn it into a study area as it has large windows and a wooden floor but the bad vibes just got too much for us. We actually were storing towels and sheets in a cupboard up there but were told by some lovely local friends that things like that shouldn’t be stored higher than the shrines in our backyard. Promptly we removed all in storage to another room and now its just wasted space, but I’ll take that over the bad vibes any day.

We did think about moving but because renting in Indonesia usually means laying down payment for the whole year we didn’t want to loose out. So with the use of some local remedies we were able to bring some light back into the house.


This is our gully style kitchen that we added a couple of shelves to. You will notice there isn’t any cupboard space at all! We have learnt to work around it and it means we never buy more than we need. Lately our kitchen been getting quite the workout via the Indo Food Cooking Project!

We also have a rice cooker, toaster oven and of course my coffee peculator who weren’t in the photo because they were recovering from a big night. Told you I have been cooking A-LOT!

The storage room. Nuff said.


This is our ‘slashie’ room; it functions as a loungeroom, dining room, study and sometimes as extra space for guests or Kawan to catch a few zzzz’s in the afternoon.


This is looking into the house from the french doors that lead outside to the backyard.


As you step through the doors you will see all this to the left and right of you. Our whole house is surrounded by some high cemented walls that keep prying eyes from taking a sneaky peek. Isan and I both feel safer in our ‘compound’ as I am the only foreigner in the area.


The backyard hasn’t been the labour of love it was intended to be. I have never been one for pottering around in the garden (my mother and brother are) but lately I have been dreaming of what our garden would have looked like if I put a little more effort in.


The Pelingi (Hindu Shrine). Isan and I are Christian so we do not utilize the shrines, but the owner of the house comes every few weeks and gives offerings to the gods. I once put some biscuits in the offering space when we were having our troubles with the house (on the advice of our Balinese friends), it seem to do the trick. For now Kawan likes to use it for her photo shoots and catching up on her beauty sleep. Her sister, Rascal wanted a slice of the action too. Can you spot her?


Isan catching a break at our ‘front door’. The bungalow that came with our house (in the left of this picture) hasn’t been as loved either and I know, such a waste! Sometimes we have had lunches out there or I have caught up on some blogging/blog reading but time and money have not been on our side. We moved to Bali as it was closer to Australia and it seemed there were more opportunities for us both. We will not be extending our rental agreement with this house and in saying that at the end of the year we both will be leaving Bali.

I will be returning home to Australia and if Isan gets his Prospective marriage visa then he will be coming too. My mother and her partner gave up coming for a visit so we could afford to send Kawan to Australia as well.

Even though we will not be returning back to Bali after December, Indonesia will always be on the cards. We have lots of plans that involve this wonderful country and therefore the blog will still be fully operational. Isan and I planned to get married next year; 1 wedding in Australia and another in Indonesia, both small and with just close family and friends. My career will always revolve around Indonesia and our children will grow up here.

There will always be lots of stories to keep on sharing.