Isan and I at his familys ricefields

We are Zulisan Septurne and Simone Roberts but you can just call us Isan and Simone. All our friends do.

Welcome/Selamat datang

Don’t forget the rice is about the partnership of an Australian girl and an Indonesian boy as they begin a life together. Follow us as we go through the ups and downs of young love, marriage, children and building a life together despite our cultural differences.

We were prompted to start this blog by a very clever friend of ours who suggested we document our daily activities in order to help others learn from our experiences. By blogging our mistakes, lessons and achievements we hope to inform you of what life is really like here in Indonesia. This post has been our biggest lesson so far.

Simone first came to Indonesia as a toddler and then later during her twenties as a university student on exchange. She has a bachelors degree in Asian Studies majoring in Indonesian language and culture and for the past 5 years she has lived in and out of Indonesia on the islands of Lombok, Java and Bali. Its was in Java where she met her now fiance, Isan while she was studying at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jogjakarta.

Isan is a child of Indonesia; A Father from Aceh, a Mother from Java with Ambonese/Dutch heritage, born in Jakarta, High schooled in Bandung and college educated in Australia. Isan has a mechanical engineering background but would prefer to use his skills tinkering away on Vespa’s for the rest of his life. He met his now Australian fiance, Simone back in his homeland.

The past year we have been trialing a a future life together in Bali. The relationship has been tested and still remains strong. Next year we plan to tie the knot and move to Australia so we can be financially prepared for the future. One day we will return to Indonesia to raise our children.

Currently we live in a modest home in Bali out of the tourist area and we get around by Vespa. I wrote a blog post about it here, its been our most read to date. We intend to show you a life that is raw and honest and more true to how everyday Indonesians live. Our main goal for the blog is for it to be recognized as a platform for positive discussion so that we can encourage more cultural awareness and understanding.

Indonesia is going through a new period of change and growth. We hope you can join us for the exciting times ahead.

-Simone and Isan


1 thought on “WHO ARE WE

  1. Ketzia Walsh

    So excited to follow you two! I’m an American living in Bali. I met my Balinese boyfriend a couple months ago now. I’m excited to marry him, start a business together and maybe have a child. I’m 38 and he’s 42 so we don’t have much time. Thank you so much for sharing your life!


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