I will miss the sea the most


Postcard perfect sunset from Uluwatu’s clifftop, South Bali

At the end of this year, perhaps sooner I will be packing up my bags and moving back to Australia. I have finally finished my university studies and now I must pull up my socks and search for a grown ups job. This year in Bali has been a great learning experience; my language skills have sky-rocketed (hampir lancar!), I’ve learnt how to cook delicious Indonesian dishes, faced my fears and learnt how to ride a scooter, gained a better insight into the daily lives of everyday Indonesians (hand-washing your clothes has that affect on you) and the most important thing, I’ve learnt that Isan and I have a relationship that’s worth fighting for. The whole point of us moving to a new place together, free from anyone else was to see if we were meant to be. Well due to the last post (you can find it here) I think you can pretty much bet that its going to happen; a marriage is in our foreseeable future.

I have enjoyed my time in Bali for the above reasons and later some day we will return to Bali to holiday, see our friends and eat some babi guling. Isan and I both agree that the one thing we will miss the most is the beaches of Bali.


The above 2 photos were taken on a day out with friends. We all jumped into a car (much to Isans disgust- he reckons everywhere is better explored by Vespa) and headed towards the south of Bali, Uluwatu way. The plan was to beach hop around what I believe are some of Bali’s best beaches; Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland and Balangan. The sand is white, the ocean is clean and always a beautiful turquoise colour and I am told that’s where you will find the most thrilling waves in Bali.

Another time Isan and I snuck away for an afternoon to watch the sunset from the cliffs of Uluwatu. With an hour to spare before sun down we took the chance to explore around the beach below.

The beach is also Kawans favourite hangout and I will miss the opportunity to run around and play with her seaside.

When I return to Australia I will be moving in with the Rentals in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Its not ideal, but if Bali has taught me anything I am just lucky to have a roof over my head and a hot shower. 

In saying that, I suppose Isan and I will have to get use to moments like this too.



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