Crossed-cultural Relationships and Wedding Plans

My fiance, Isan and I have been engaged for over a year now and our wedding plans are still on the back burner. We had been together for 2 years when Isan popped the question and to me it all happened so fast. We always talked of getting married, as I think its best to lay all your cards out on the table when in a crossed-cultural relationship. I was approached to write about it here for the website recently.

Anyways cut to a few weeks ago and we still hadn’t booked a venue, let alone chose where to have it. Originally we thought of having 1 big wedding in Bali, so that both our family and friends from either side would be able to join us on the special day. But since life here in Bali hasn’t been as fruitful as we liked and all our favourite memories together have been in another town we made a different decision. We decided that we would have 2 weddings; The first one in the Hawkesbury district of NSW, Australia where I grew up and the second in Jogjakarta, Indonesia where Isan and I first met.

After making the decision it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, it just felt right. For the wedding in Australia we plan on having the ceremony/reception at a small country church and using their hall for a vintage themed afternoon tea. Expect tea and scones, spiked punch and cucumber sandwiches. The whole thing will be totally kitsch and just plain old fun. Here is some swell ideas we might go with.

pimms punch vintage_retro_wedding.jpg retro_wedding_cake.jpg vintage-tea-spread.jpg retro-cool.jpg retro_wedding_collage.jpg

We will have our Indonesian wedding in Jogjakarta, Java. Javanese weddings are famous for being over the top and can go for days on end. Luckily for Isan (he is a simple kinda guy) and I, Isans’ parents are modern folk and they are just happy to have a party and a makan besar (a feast). Although I personally would like to include some traditions in our wedding as respect to Isan and his parents culture. Here are some clues to how we might celebrate our marriage, Indonesian style.

indonesian sweets pretty-flowers-in-her-hair.jpg rock-n-roll-bride.jpg
javanese-bride-and-groom.jpg gudeg-makanan-jogja.jpg modern-kebaya.jpg

There is a lot of things to get organised first before we can start planning the weddings. Such as sending Kawan to Australia and submitting Isans’ visa application but well I am a girl after all and thanks to Pinterest I can start dreaming/planning over my morning coffee.

All images sourced via here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

You can also follow my Pinterest board ‘I do’ to see more pretty wedding pictures and the plans for Isan and I’s big days.



17 thoughts on “Crossed-cultural Relationships and Wedding Plans

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      Neither can I Jenna 🙂
      Mum has already been scouting the local vinnies and salvos for decorations, tea cups and cake plates.
      She even has her work friends sending her CWA recipes!

  1. christinatanra

    Simone! I can’t wait until the day,please do let me know would love to see you and isan di pelaminan! I love your ideas from Pinterest,I do have my own board’s much easier to plan with Pinterest haha..hey,if you ever need any help with your wedding please let me know! Im more than happy to help


    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      Lol, yeah lets hope so.
      He appears to be tough on the outside but well, we all know what he is really like.

      I already follow you on Pinterest but please I would love the help, especially for the Jogja wedding.

  2. Aunty Heather

    I still have my wedding dress. It is similar to the one you have a photo of just right of the green and pink dress, only floor length but easy to shorten.You are welcome to have it if it suits your taste.

    Love Aunty Heather xx

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      Wowweeeeee Aunty Heather. That would be awesome.
      Thankyou so much.

      A little altering and we can give the dress another lease of life 🙂
      This will make for a great story.

      1. Aunty Heather

        I’ll check to make sure it is not to discoloured etc and send you some photos to see what you think. I was only 19 when I got married and a lot slimmer than I am now so it should fit you too. I’ve had it out to donate for weeks, but just stop every time, it’s in pretty good nic considering it is 37 years old.

  3. Eloise

    Love both idea so you & so open minded! Plus the Indonesian photos the outfits oh how I love n miss a big Indonesian wedding it’s been a while 🙂

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      Cheers Leslie. I dont mind if the wedding isnt perfect- just want it to be fun and cake makes everything fun!

      Aww sweet! Awesome. I’ll try my best to keep it going and thanks for thinking of me. Feel really humbled because we have never met.
      I love the blogosphere.


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