I cooked a cake in a rice cooker


Did you know that a rice cooker made this dense, moist, morish carrot and coconut cake seen above? Damn straight it did and the recipe was actually meant for the oven. You can just about cook any simple flour, milk, eggs cake that you want in a rice cooker. So far I have made a upside down apple cake, a coffee cake and now I have made this delicious carrot and coconut cake.

And to test it out even more I twerked the recipe to include ingredients that were more commonly used in an Indonesian kitchen. Just like this little sweety.

gula-jawa.jpgThis is gula Jawa or gula merah or probably what you know it as, palm sugar. This type of sugar is made from extracting the sap of the palm tree and boiling it down to produce a syrup that is sweet and nutty. It is famous within Indonesian cooking, sweet or savoury and it is also less refined than granulated sugar therefore it is healthier for you.

I got the recipe for the cake from here. I just did a quick pinterest search for a carrot and coconut cake but I switched the pineapple with a mashed banana. Follow the recipe as it states and at the end you can add the cream cheese if you wish. It’s a little on the expensive side here so I gave it a miss but the cake was still yummy all the same.

The difference when cooking a cake in a rice cooker is you must butter the inside of the rice cooker and pour the mix in like the picture below.


Place the lid down and turn it on to cook. Now you will need to listen out for when the cooker clicks over to warm. Leave it for 10 mins and then press cook again. Repeat this for a total of 3-4 times until you can stick a skewer in the cake and it comes out clean. Pull the inside of the rice cooker out and leave to cool for a few minutes. Flip it over gently and your cake should pop out. If it wont budge use a rubber spatula to nudge it a little.


You will notice the cake will have a lot of craters all over it from the steam used to cook within the rice cooker. This does not affect it any way but rather makes for a more dense and moist cake. I bet you a rice cooker would be able to cook some rich, fudgy chocolate brownies better than any oven.

So what do you all think? Will you try to cook a cake in a rice cooker too? If so please let me know how you go. Honestly this was the best cooking discovery I have ever made either here in Indonesia or back in Australia. Western style cakes are expensive here and being able to enjoy something that reminds me of home (my Mum is a big cake baker) puts a smile on my dial.

By the way I just had to share this picture of Kawan eyeing off the cake. In this picture you can also see the ingeniousness of my cake display. Its just like the way they do in Padang restaurants.

-Simone xo



2 thoughts on “I cooked a cake in a rice cooker

  1. Anita Sitiamina Woods

    What a great idea. In all my yrs on Lombok I never had a proper owen. Wish I’d known about baking in a rice cooker. Will definatly try.

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      I was really glad when I came across it too. I found it at dailycookingquest.com
      I want to try cooking some fudgy brownies using my trusty rice cooker soon as well.
      Let me know how you go as I’m keen to find out how others’ experiments turn out.


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