Sunday Adventures

What a View! The Rice Terraces in Terisering, Ubud

What a View! The Rice Terraces in Terisering, Ubud

Up until now, I have been living in Indonesia for a total of 3 years, spending my time in Lombok, Java and Bali. I confess that during my time in the archipelago I have never really learnt how to ride a motorbike. Actually I am quite surprised that I have got around Indonesia for so long without the skill. In Lombok, everything was in walking distance or I shared taxi’s with friends, Java has its trusty Ojek’s (taxi by motorbike) and in Bali I have Isan to chauffeur me around (which I appreciate so much, Hatur nuhun Sayang). Looking at it now, its something I am not proud of and for someone with so much knowledge and understanding of the country and its lifestyle….. well I should have grown a pair long ago.

Two Sundays ago I decided, well really Isan decided for me that I needed to learn. So with a promise of Ubud as our destination, I jumped on the scooter with Isan in the passenger seat and we headed up the mountain. An hour later with white knuckles and a stomach full of butterflies we made it to Ubud, where we were to also meet up with Isans sister and her family. Isans sister lives in Bali as well and most Sundays we try to catch up. This particular family gathering we decided to visit the Famous Rice Terraces of Ubud. Next time when you visit Bali, you should really make your way to Ubud and its outer regions. The photos speak for themselves.

green ricesundownBright rice

The rice terraces are about 20 mins by motorbike from the centre of Ubud and entry is free. You are able to meander around the rice fields at your own pace, but beware that when the sun goes down there is no lighting, so make you way back to the entry before it gets too dark. We had lots of fun and even Isans nephew had time to sit down and enjoy a jam sandwhich. Simple pleasures.

Like Uncle, like Nephew. Having fun in the ricefields

Like Uncle, like Nephew. Having fun in the ricefields

Where's Wally?

Where’s Wally?

Cultural tip for this excursion: If you are going to take a photo of any of the locals around the rice terraces, please ask their permission first. If they oblige, you may give them some small change for their troubles, 5000 would be sufficient.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Adventures

  1. Jennifer

    Fantastic photos.
    The rice fields looks enormous.
    Really enjoy rreading.your blog.
    It’s simple and wonderful, no pompous rant.
    U give an easy understanding into the lives of Indonesian’s.

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      The are, the photos really don’t do the rice fields justice.
      Glad I can start to help to build a bridge between the tourist and local perspective of Indonesia. Just trying to spread more love and understanding without the mung beans.

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      Santai aja… It was just a kymco.

      Thank you I just used my Note 8 plus a photo editing app. Really its all about the filters.

      What about Uluwatu? I’m going there again this Sunday but going to avoid the monkeys. The Ubud monkeys are much nicer.

  2. Aunty Heather

    Well good on you Simone. As you know I’m the odd man out in my camp for not riding bikes. What beautiful photos you take … And I love your drawings.
    Tell Isan to get a haircut. Haha . Only joking.

    Hope you are both well. Love Aunty Heather xxxxx
    Ps. Keep up your blogs, you write a wonderful story of your life. Xx

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      I prefer to use car, but here bikes reign supreme so best follow suit. Thankyou for the compliment, hopefully you can come here one day and see it all for real.

      Isan drew the one of us on the vespa, he is a clever chicken.
      Isan is a free spirit, he does what he wants 😛

      Lots of love to you and the clan xoxo


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