I’ve been to Bali too

My Dad and I in Bali, late 80s

Where it all started. My Dad and I first time in Indonesia. Bali, late 80s

Quick poll: How many of you have already been to Bali?

If you are reading this and you’re Australian chances are probably high. The Island of Bali, Indonesia takes in 16,000 Aussie tourists per week, on average 25% of total foreign arrivals in any one year are from the land down under.

I am one of them,  I think I am up to my 5th stint here in the ‘Island of the Gods’. I was so young the first time I came, that I cannot remember my experience. I had to ask my parents what Bali was like for me when I was a 3 year old.

The 80’s were a high time in Bali’s tourism, so we were by no means going off the beaten track. Though after talking with my parents, I could only giggle at how green they were. Stories of misunderstandings with local airport staff, Bali belly disasters and bartering mishaps led me to believe we were definitely experiencing a new adventure.

I can imagine me as a young tot, wide eyed and full of curiosity. Lucky my parents held me close by because they always rehash stories of my young male posse, local women jumping at the chance to stroke my blonde hair and Japanese tourists cornering me for a photo at any given moment. Times were different then, the world was getting to know Indonesia and Indonesia was beginning to get to know the world. Cut to present day Bali and I can walk down the main street of Kuta without so much as a quick glance some days.

Of course there has been many changes since the 1980’s. The Island has become more aware of western culture, there is a new airport and far too many new buildings, but ultimately the same travel stories are always on repeat.

Really you can’t impress anyone these days because they have probably been to Bali too. Australian band Redgum actually wrote a song about this in the early 1980’s. You must watch this video clip for the hilarity factor but also to listen to the lyrics and compare Redgums’ experience to yours.

How much do you think Bali has changed 30 years on? What do you remember most about your trip to Bali? If you haven’t been, I would like to know what is stopping you? Be honest, we are all friends here. Same, same but different.



4 thoughts on “I’ve been to Bali too

  1. Rachel

    Yay, I get to be the first to comment on your brand new blog :p Hilarious video! Bali isn’t a top destination for Brits and I don’t actually know anyone back home who came to Bali before I did. I love your banner btw – did you draw it?

    1. simonerobertsau Post author

      Yes and it couldn’t be betting fitting that you were first. Thank you for all your advice and help many months ago. Hey everyone check out Rachels blog for an insight into raising a mixed race family. Isan and I arent quite ready for that just yet.

      Bali is to Australians what the Greek Isles or Spain is to Brits right Rachel?

      My fiance, Isan drew it. He is a very talented drawer.

      1. Rachel

        Thanks Simone 🙂

        Yep that’s right, actually I’ve heard Bali (or at least Kuta) described as the “Australian Magaluf” which I think isn’t very fair, haha :p

        Ooh, got yourself a talented artist then? you should get him to illustrate all your blog posts – keep him busy!

        (love the name too btw)

      2. simonerobertsau Post author

        I had to google Magaluf…I had never heard of the place before but I think its about right, Kuta/Tuban is the equivalent.

        He has to be in the mood to draw because he is always so busy with his own work. Though it makes it all the more special when he draws for me.

        Thank you. My next post will be all about why I chose dont forget the rice. Stay tuned.

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